This is a psycho pedagogical project that has the objective to emphasize the values that uplift the human being and make know the work our center performs throughout the activities with horses and the awareness about disabilities. Students put to practice a set of skills of different types (affective, social, cognitive, language and motor skills) which gives them the opportunity to get enriching experiences to implement in their surroundings.

Project Scope

  • To create awareness in kids and teens on disabilities.
  • To support values programs within schools in Nuevo Leon state.


  • Facility tour.
  • Video sessions on the center’s activities.
  • Horse assisted open field activities.
  • Group sessions on disabilities awareness.

Dates and time

  • Times available accordingly to the centers agenda, 3 hour sessions.

  • All students will be given a “Connect” bracelet, allusive to the visit.
  • Within a period of no more than one week, official photographs of the school visit will be sent digitally.

Hoga is a non-profit institution (Donations authorized), which has the opportunity to give continuity to its social object thanks to the generosity of our community, so this donation will be destined to the purchase of therapeutic material for the care of our patients.


The HOGA Rehabilitation and Equestrian Therapy Center is a private nonprofit Organization located in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, México and it was established in September 1991.


We are at your service and in order to provide the best service we can, here are our business hours,

Monday to Friday

8:30am a 6:00pm