Evaluation Process

As a requirement to be admitted to any of our programs an evaluation is required, either to have a diagnose and/or to determine the lags in the patients development and to establish treatment objectives in HOGA.


  • In this appointment an HOGA presentation is made and you can tell us about your kid’s special needs.

To be able to start the evaluation and admission process it is absolutely necessary to request your FREE APPOINTMENT!

  • To facilitate the evaluation process, you must show up the the requested documents in the following link.
  • This process lasts between 45 min and 1 hour. (Attend without the patient).
  • This appointment will advance the history of your child.
  • We set 2 or 3 appointments with the neuropsychology department for
    the patient’s evaluation.
  • Anyone can bring the patient and wait for the evaluation to finish in
    about an hour.
  • In this appointment the heads of the Psychology, Language, Equine therapy and neurorehabilitation departments do a personal evaluation of the patient to have an integral approach in the assessment and the requirements of the therapeutic intervention.
  • Lasts 30 to 45 min.
  • We deliver a written document about the patient’s development in which recommendations, suggestions and objectives for the interventions are made.
  • If you request a clinical assessment diagnosis we will include it here.
    This assessment has a charge.

Need a diagnosis?

Here in HOGA we have professionals to conduct the medical diagnostic evaluations needed to implement an appropriate therapy plan.


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