Equine Assisted Executive Coaching

Learn about our programs and all of its great benefits.

We offer Equine Assisted Executive Coaching programs and our distinctive
mark is the competence development based in an experimental model
oriented for the corporate world. This is service for a cause.


Know an experience our CONECTATE (GET CONNECTED) campaign.

We raise awareness in kids and teens about disabilities and support schools
values programs.

Workshops & Trainings. COMING SOON!

We offer training to expand your knowledge.

Workshops and training on disabilities, equestrian therapy and social

Equestrial School / Riding School for a cause

We offer lessons for kids, teens and adults in several categories accordingly
to age and skills.

HOGA offers this great opportunity in Riding School starting in recreational

Horse assisted psychotherapy

Develop your skills...

This service is oriented to individuals, groups of families that are looking to
develop their skills for a future project in cohesion with their families, or they
are looking to overcome emotional difficulties. Call us 8191-9293.

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8191 2293

8349 6313


The HOGA Rehabilitation and Equestrian Therapy Center is a private nonprofit Organization located in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, México and it was established in September 1991.


We are at your service and in order to provide the best service we can, here are our business hours,

Monday to Friday

8:30am a 6:00pm