Therapies are given in the mornings or evenings and could be individual or in a group, according to the patient’s needs. We have Autism Spectrum and neuromotor disorder specialized programs.

Physical Rehabilitation

We have customized neurological rehabilitation programs for each and every patient. The following therapies are included in them:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Physical conditioning
  • Hippotherapy

With this therapy we look for organizing the brain so it can registry, modulate, process and organizing the environment’s sensory stimulus in a proper way (visual, auditory, vestibular, olfactory, gustatory, tactile and proprioceptive) and interpret them in adaptive and spontaneous responses.


This rehab is centered in the emotional, social and cognitive areas, benefiting: conduct adjustment, social-emotional skills development, basic learning mechanisms, pre-academic concepts development and executive functions.

  • TEACCH method
  • ABA method
  • Cognitive behavioural approach
  • RDI Intervention program for the social skills development
  • Parental Guidance
  • Advising services for schools

Its primary objective is to increase or develop language, communication and speaking skills in patients with communication problems in a comprehensive way. We use the following techniques:

  • Alternative/Augmentative communication systems AAC
    (Autism Spectrum).
  • Alternative communication systems ( Boards, books, tablets).
  • PROMT Technique
  • Orofacial Therapy

Therapeutic approach on independence skills and proper use of free time.

Areas in which this takes action:

  • Skills for everyday life.
  • Gross and fine skills development.
  • Pre-work activities and workshops
  • Sensory integration
    • Multisensory stimulation

This is the use of horses as a therapeutic tool, a set of activities is designed to carry them out both with the horse and on the horse. The techniques we use benefit rehab in areas such as physical, cognitive, behavioral, language and social-emotional. Types used:

  • Hippotherapy ( Comprehensive & Kinetics).
  • Therapeutic horse ride or amateur.
  • EQUI

As a support to the families, HOGA created a program called SaludableMente, (Healthy/Healthy in mind) which involves medical and nutritional alternatives with certified staff and with the objective to improve the quality of life and the well-being of our children offering services such as:

  • Education for families
  • Lab exams
  • Personal Dietary Counseling
  • Support in dietary special needs
  • Personal dietary plans
  • Medical support and follow up during the process


These are designed to meet the therapeutic needs in a comprehensive way, covering several areas such as Language and Psychology among others and the minimum attendance is 4 days a week and 3 hours per day.

ALAS has as an objective to develop kindergarten kids skills, with the intent to take the children to an appropriate level in an interdisciplinary way to achieve school incorporation as quickly as possible.

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Primary aims for teens and adults with a disability, they should have movement independency, sphincter control and not to have strong behavioral disorders. This program approaches the development of everyday activities, production and selling of food, fashion jewelry and has as objective to get the patients to spend their time in a functional way.


Directed to children with neuromotor disorders between 8 months and 6 years old. They come in a daily basis during the morning, with a caregiver who is responsible of implementing language, communication, socialization and coordinated movement activities. Pathological reflexes are integrated and dragging, crawling, sitting, standing and walking is stimulated to the extent each one of these abilities is developed.


Complementary program to the therapeutic area to which kids attend 2 times a week for 2 hours. We are in the search of the artistic expression of the kids with a disability as well as physical conditioning through dance and many other abilities that are required for this type of programs, such as, following instructions, concentration, socialization, communication, imitation and coordination with others.


The HOGA Rehabilitation and Equestrian Therapy Center is a private nonprofit Organization located in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, México and it was established in September 1991.


We are at your service and in order to provide the best service we can, here are our business hours,

Monday to Friday

8:30am a 6:00pm